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African Greys And Their Environment

African Greys And Their Environment

African Greys are very observant little creatures and love a routine. Because of this, any small amount of change around the house usually prompts at least a startled stare.

When we purchased our birds we were living full time in a motor home and traveling. Therefore, these guys learned from a very early age to adjust to different surroundings and sudden changes.African Greys And Their Environment

As they learned to talk, they would let us know how they felt about certain little things during our travels such as the time I hit a huge pothole in the road heading to somewhere and they bounced around a bit in their cages. Suddenly Carlie blurted out “WHOA! What was THAT!?”

As a rule though greys do NOT adjust well to change. One must be careful to accept the fact that any small amount of change (such as the introduction of a new toy or moving their cage to a new location) must be done with patience and understanding.

Greys require a cage big enough whereby they can flap their wings without hitting the bars and one that has lots of climbing and playing room. Several high quality bird toys inside the cage are also a must.

Locate your greys cage away from direct sunlight, drafts, air conditioning and any heat source. A corner of the living room is a good place for a grey so long as he can see you during your daily routine.

Talk to your grey and include him in some of your routine. Ours help us get ready in the morning, help with preparing their food cups, play games, cook a meal, etc.

Greys love to be outside of their cages and a play perch or small tree branch shaped perch located nearby will provide your bird with lots of exercise and a place to feel as if they are in their natural environment.

Temperature and humidity are also a consideration. The greys natural environment is a mild temperature with fairly high humidity. Temperatures in the 70’s are fine for a grey, but if you live in a drier climate, you will want to consider a humidifier to add moisture to the surrounding air.

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2 Responses to "African Greys And Their Environment"

  1. shanthi says:

    Hi, i have grey who is 2 years old. The climate is humid in singapore, so every nite i place him in an air condition room. Pls advice, is that ok for me to place him in aircon rm. I will cover the cage with thick cloth when i put him in the aircon rm. Thanks.

  2. Bob says:

    Humidity is a good thing for greys as long as it isn’t too hot. 65F to 80F is a nice temp range for these birds. The a/c shouldn’t hurt as long as it isn’t too cold. My only concern would be moving him between different temps and climates every day could encourage a cold or a feather problem. You might just want to leave him in the humid environment (again, if it isn’t too hot) all the time if he tolerates it well.