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Carlie & Dylon Photos

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9 Responses to "Carlie & Dylon Photos"

  1. Debt Advice UK says:

    African Grey Parrot Photos | African Grey Parrots great post. I tought this piece of news would be of interest: Who’s a brainy boy then? African grey parrots not only learn to talk, but outperform human two-year-olds in a test of intelligent reasoning. No other animals apart from great apes match the birds’ ability to understand noise-related causal connections, say scientists. Human children only do as well as the parrots from about the age of three.

  2. Olufemi says:

    Hello, I recently got a 3 month old parrot via the internet as african grey he has light green colour a ring neck a month ago, the seller said it is an african grey parrot which i doubt, his colours are gradually changing brownish, he screams at me n my wife, anytime i get so close to him,occassionally when cleaning the cage he does not scream but most times he does. when we eat especially dinners i put his cage close to us, n sometimes stare at us n try to eat his own food from d cup in his cage, i love this parrot(Sim) and i want to know if he’s trully an african grey n too make him perch on my hand , takes my treats from my hand , i think i need some processes to get better with.
    Thanks i awaits your responce in earnest.

  3. Bob says:

    Hi, please look at the photos on our website if you are not sure if your bird is an african grey. African greys are grey with a red tail, and are these colors from early on when they develop their feathers. Sounds to me like you were sold some sort of conure or ring-neck parakeet.
    Best of luck

  4. Angie says:

    Hi Bob, i was wondering if you can help. I have a 18 month african grey male. I live in a household of men and he bonded strongly with me. He gets lots of attention as i dont work. He is great but the problem i have is he screams when i put him in his cage at tea time. I have tried ignoring him and covering him up which does help. Why does he do this? he always has attention and im always talking to him/ this happens for 1 hour every night. When he calms down, i take the cover off and hes okay, i tell him hes a good boy for calming down. I dont know what else to do, its driving us nuts! Thanks.

  5. Bob says:

    Hi Angie, aren’t greys amazing! lol. Several things come to mind given your predicament. Here I assume ‘tea time’ for you probably includes a small meal with your tea.
    Sooo, food for thought. 1) Perhaps there is something being served consistently each day that he wants? Some type of fruit that he likes, but isn’t getting as you put him up during this time? (By mid to late afternoon our greys are famished and eat large meals.) 2) Tea time can be a bonding experience with friends and family… by putting him back in his cage, you are inadvertently telling him that he is not part of that special time, and he screams wanting to be included?? 3) Since you do seem to spend a good deal of time with him (a good thing too), putting him up for a while might be causing some sort of separation anxiety, especially since he is only 18 months old…he is still a baby.

    I suspect he just wants to be included so you might try putting him in his cage with some favorite treat of his, move his cage close to where you all enjoy your tea time, and include him in the event, talking with him, etc.

    As he grows and learns to speak he will probably tell you exactly what his problem is! lol

    Anyway, I hope that helps a bit, and best of luck.

  6. Linda says:

    Hi Bob,

    My CAG was killed by a dog last week. It was my best friend and companion for 12 years. I now want to buy a baby CAG. Would you suggest I buy one of 4 months old? And what is the earliest age at which one should have the wings trimmed? Thank you. Linda

  7. Bob says:

    Hi Linda, I am very sorry that you lost your grey and best friend. We become so attached to these little guys and they really do become such an important part of our lives.
    Our greys were 4 months old when they adopted us, so 4 months is not a problem…even younger if you wish to try hand feeding, etc.
    Now the wing clipping thing is open for debate. When we got our birds the breeder clipped both birds. Dylon was fine but Carlie’s clip job was too short and she couldn’t fly for at least a year. I am a firm believer in letting the bird become acclimated to flying as a youngster BEFORE any kind of wing clipping. A young bird who is learning flight is also developing his confidence and should be allowed to complete this process before his first clipping. Some may argue with me, but I firmly believe that Carlie’s confidence level suffered because she couldn’t fly at an early age, whereas Dylon could.

    Personally, having it to do over, I would wait until the bird is at least a year old before clipping his wings.

    I hope your new baby gives you many years of joy,

  8. mandy says:

    where can i buy kibble pellets

  9. Bob says:

    We purchase ours online from

    Get the ‘Pretty Bird African Grey Specific’ kibbles