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How To Train Any Parrot

Two brothers, Chet and Dave Womach, have a passion.  These two guys LOVE to tame and train parrots...parrots of all kinds, large and small.

Chet and Dave have made it a mission of theirs to offer THE best quality parrot training videos and information available on the net today.

I've seen their work and I have to say they have developed some remarkable techniques and tricks to safely, humanely and effectively train just aboutafrican grey parrot training any parrot.  From teaching parrots to talk, to potty training parrots, stopping bad behavior (like parrot biting and screaming), and teaching your parrot new tricks, their video series and training system addresses it all.

Most recently Dave purchased a young African Grey and has been teaching it 'free flight'.  Free flight is somewhat like Falconering and Dave is working with his new companion outside and teaching the bird to come back to him.  It's some amazing stuff, and some techniques I wish we would of known about when our greys spent a few nights in the woods several years ago - not intentionally, I might add.  

Below you will find links to their videos.  I recommend that you check out their work since they offer professional advice, techniques and little known tricks for just about any parrot taming or parrot training situation you may have.

1. Teach Your Parrot To Stop Biting In 15 Minutes.

2. How To Potty Train Your Parrot.

3. Stop Parrot Screaming Problems For Good.

4. Teach Your Parrot To Talk In 48 Hours.

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