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All About African Grey Parrot

All About African Grey Parrot


Welcome to our African Grey Parrot site.  Here we offer up information, tips and suggestions All About African Grey Parrot.  This includes purchase considerations, living with an African Grey, care and feeding, their environment, and of course African Grey Parrot training.

First, some general information about the African Grey parrot.

All About African Grey Parrots

Dylon, our 14 year old Grey

The African Grey Parrot is an amazing bird which hails from the rain forests of Africa. Revered for their beauty, personality and intelligence, the african grey parrot has come to be a popular addition to any family that wishes to co-exist with them.

Notice I didn’t say “own” a grey as these birds can’t be domesticated.  Due to their long lifespan most greys available for purchase are only a generation or two from the wild.  The very best you can do with an african grey parrot is honor the fact that they are extremely intelligent, social creatures who will be happy to share your dwelling and your life.  provided you give them the love and the respect they deserve.

There are two popular subspecies of african greys, the congo african grey parrot and the timneh african grey parrot.  Timneh greys are smaller then congos and do not have the vibrant red-tail color of the congo.  Timnehs are also much less expensive then congos, but still make fine companions.

All about the African Grey

African Grey in Flight

The Congo African Grey Parrot are various shades of grey over most of their body (wings being a bit darker grey). A white leather-like featherless mask around their eyes and a brilliant crimson-red tail that is generally only a few inches long.  They can grow to 12-14 inches in length and weigh around a pound or so.

Young greys will have jet black eyes that turn to a yellowish-cream color when they have reached about 2 yrs of age.  A hand-fed young congo grey will be priced anywhere from $800 on up depending upon quality, behavior, personality, etc.  These birds are expensive but well worth the investment if you are willing to make a commitment to a pint-sized friend for years to come.

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2 Responses to "All About African Grey Parrot"

  1. Synthia says:

    Bob & Carla, thank you for posting so much valuable info on these birds. I have longed for one for many years and I can finally say my new friend will be coming home in a few weeks.

    The main question/concern I have about the dander, is if it’s potentially harmful to other pets in the home and what, if anything can be done other than misting/bathing. Also, it would be extremely helpful if you could post some info on the bathing experience itself. Thanks!

  2. Bob says:

    Hi Synthia and apologies for the delayed reply. Yes, bird dander can be allergenic to other pets…those who are prone to certain allergies may also react to bird dander. Our little rat terrier reacts to it with a cough and watery eyes if it gets too bad around the cages. Other then what we mention (daily misting, etc) there isn’t much that can be done about it. This is just something you live with, but it can vary from bird to bird. There use to be a product called “Dander Down” sold as a spray in a bottle that a company made, but I’m not sure it’s available anymore. A google check would confirm if it is still available. A mixture of a bit of pure aloe vera in some distilled water would be similar to this, which you could try. Also check with an avian vet in your area…there may be a new product now that will help control dander.

    Thanks for your kind words and best of luck with your new addition!

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