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Frequently Asked Questions About African Grey Parrots

Q:  Where do African Greys come from?

A:  African Greys are found in the rain forests of central and western Africa.

Q:  What is the preferred environment to keep a grey as a companion?

A:  Temperature range from high 60’s F to high 70’s F is ideal.  They like humidity and a range of 35% to 50% is good.  Locate a grey away from direct sun, heat and air conditioning sources.  Cage size varies according to the size of the bird, but generally a cage size of 20 X 24 is the minimum recommended size with at least 3/4 inch bar spacing.  Perch size from 1 inch to 2 inches in diameter.

Q:  What do I feed my African Grey?

A:  African Greys can be hardy eaters and will generally eat what you eat.  As a rule, feed your grey fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked vegetables, cooked chicken, no salt nuts, cooked eggs, low salt crackers and of course a high quality kibble or pellet food made specifically for the African Grey.  Never feed your bird avocado or chocolate.

Q:  How long can an African Grey live?

A:  Healthy greys can live from 50 to 80 years.

Q:  How well can greys fly?

A:  An African Grey with a fully developed set of flight feathers is very fast in the air.  Their flight patterns resemble a dove in flight.

Q:  What to do about a sick grey?

A:  Always take your grey to an avian vet for any medical treatment.  Avian vets are trained specifically to work with exotic birds whereas a general practicing vet may not be familiar with their needs and treatments.

Q:  How much does an African Grey cost?

A:  A young, hand-fed and well socialized Congo African Grey can range from $800 to $1200, plus cage, toys and food costs.

Q:  Is it safe to feed my African Grey ice cream?

A:  I get this question a lot.  My answer – why on earth would you want to feed a parrot ice cream??  Ice cream contains lactose and parrots can not digest lactose.

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