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How Carlie Got Her Power

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How Carlie Got Her Power

This is one of those stories that I tell a lot about our birds Carlie and Dylon.  I can remember this day so very clearly, just as if it happened yesterday.  I guess I should start way back from the beginning.

How Carlie Got Her PowerWhen Carlie and Dylon were very young, somewhere around 8 months to 1 year old, Dylon was so mean to Carlie.  When they were out of their cages and just hanging around with us he dominated her in every aspect of their lives, he wouldn’t let her sit on the perch, took her toys away from her, and was the boss over the food cups.

I felt so bad for Carlie, but there wasn’t really much Bob or I could do about it.  It’s just one of those things.  Scolding Dylon had no affect on the situation, I suppose he was just doing what came natural to him, never the less it was really sad to watch him bull over Carlie all the time.

Some were around the age of 3 years or so, this all changed.  Bob and I had gone to the bird store to get their kibbles and we decided to get them some nice bird toys.  Later that day when we were home and the birds were out of their cages the whole situation changed for Carlie.  With Dylon’s attitude towards Carlie, it had become the norm to separate them when they were out of their cages, usually Dylon’s perch was on one side of the room and Carlies’ was on the other, and you didn’t let one bird sit on the other bird’s perch!

Bob and I had already hung the birds toys in their cages and they had both played with them a little bit before they had gotten out of their cages.  You see this is how it went with new toys, Carlie cherished her toys, taking her time with chewing and playing, she made her toys last.  Not Dylon.  His motto, on the other hand, was ‘the faster I can tear this thing apart the happier I am’.  By the time they had gotten out for the day, Dylon had already had a pretty good go at his toy, while Carlies’ toy was still intact.

This is where the story changes.  Dylon decided to take the opportunity, while Carlie was out of her cage, to ravage her toy.  What happens next is what I guess you would call ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’.  Dylon flew over to Carlie’s cage and went inside and proceeded to tear her toy to shreds.  Before Bob or I could react Carlie took matters into her on hands.  She flew to her cage and pinned Dylon in.  She then knocked him off the perch where he fell to the cage floor on his back.  Carlie jumped down on top of him, standing on his chest.  She started pecking him and every time she hit him with her beak he screamed and tried to flap his wings to get up but she had him pinned down.  Bob had to pull Carlie off of Dylon to save him, Carlie wasn’t going to give him up.  At last Bob was able to get her off and I had to get Dylon out of her cage because he had completely caved and was just laying there on his back.

I guess the funny thing was with all of the screaming and pecking Carlie didn’t do any physical damage to Dylon.  There wasn’t any blood, she didn’t even leave so much as a scratch on him.  You would have thought with all of the screaming she was tearing him to shreds.  Needless to say, from that day forward Carlie has been the boss of Dylon.  Even now, at 13 years old, when Dylon starts to act up, all Carlie has to do is give him the evil eye and he straightens up.  And that is ‘How Carlie Got Her Power’.

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3 Responses to "How Carlie Got Her Power"

  1. Bob says:

    LOL. I might add, at the time this happened it wasn’t so funny. We really thought Carlie had hurt Dylon…but after it was over, and years later this story is a hoot! Carlie knew exactly what she was doing to save her precious toy and get the ‘beast from hell” out of her cage!

    Dylon has A LOT of respect for Carlie now 😉

  2. Brian M. says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience! I inherited a family owned Grey two days ago; Nipper is 21 and is adapting very well to the life changes.

  3. Bob says:

    Hi Brian. Thanks for your comments and I am glad to hear that Nipper is making the adjustment well. I suspect he is in good hands.

    All best,