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WARNING – Toxins and Your Grey

WARNING – Toxins and Your GreyWARNING – Toxins and Your Grey

Yesterday I received an email from Chet Womach ( that alerted us bird owners to the dangers of toxins and pesticides found in the fruits and veggies we feed our parrots.

Chet told of a lady recently who lost both of her African Greys within minutes of feeding them some grapes she had purchased from the local grocery store.  I can’t imagine how devastated she must feel, doing what she thought was a good thing for her birds.  Her vets suspect the birds died from poisons in the grapes…toxicology reports are still outstanding.

Chet references a blog post that he made recently that addresses how to protect your bird from pesticides and toxins and gives some very sound advice on washing and cleaning food prior to feeding your grey.  He also gives the reader information on what produce contains the highest amount of pesticides and which country’s produce to avoid.

This is a MUST read for all parrot owners.  His blog post can be read here.

I am a reseller of Chet’s Parrot Training Videos and have been for years.  These are professionally made videos that address all sorts of issues with our birds, from training to dealing with behavioral problems.  If you like to find out more about his videos please click here.

Please visit Chet’s blog post to find out how you can protect your grey and not wind up like the lady who lost hers innocently feeding them grapes!

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